Frequently Asked
* Are our horses Clydesdales?
 No, all of our horses are Belgians.  Both are different
breeds among the Draft Horse Family with the addition
of the Percherons.  

*How much do they eat?
 Each horse is treated like an athlete here at A Better
Way Belgians.  They each have their own specific diet
that meets their nutritional needs.  However on average
they each eat:
Hay - each horse will eat about one bale of hay per day.
  (One bale is on average 50 pounds)
Feed - one of our Belgians will eat 12-15 pounds of
grain                           a day.
Water - depending on the time of year depends on the
water             intake..... Summer = 40-50 gallons per
                             Winter = 30-40 gallons per day
 Each horse gets fed twice a day and always has water
available to him.

*How big are our horses?
 The size of each of our horses ranges from 17'3 hands
to 18'3 hands.  A hand is the way horses height is
measured.  Each hand is four inches and you measure
the horse from the ground up to the base of it's neck, or
more simply from the ground to the top of the horse's
 The horses on the farm range in weight between 1700
pounds to 2300 pounds.  
 To learn about a particular horse go to
"Meet the

*Is it hard to work around the horses because of
their size?
 The massive size of a Belgian can't be overlooked
that is for sure.  When working with them you need to
RESPECT THEM!  There is no way that one person
will be able to muscle around a Draft Horse, so a
corporative relationship is necessary in order to have a
successful career together.  

* Do the shoes that the horses wear hurt their feet
when being nailed on?
 No, the horse doesn't even feel it.  The nail is driven
into the hoof wall where there is no feeling.  This
affects horses like a manicure affects pain.
 The shoe then protects the foot of the horse.  On the
bottom of the shoes there is either studs nailed on or
borium.  This helps the horse with traction on slippery
roads or on the grass.

*How long do Belgians live?
 The average life span of a Draft Horse is 20-30 years.
 Ours will reach that easily because what we do is
simply just exercise for the horses.  We do not do days
of field work.

*What do they do when they are on the farm?
 Depending on the time of year depends on the work
they do at home.  
 In the spring and summer the business horses are
trained to pull hay wagons and to be in public.  Each
horse is worked 3-4 times a week.  As mentioned
before we do not do field work with our horses.  When
they are worked it is simply exercise and training to do
what you see them doing.
 During this same time the show horses are trained.  
They are worked four times a week.  Their training is
different because the shows require different training
then jobs do.
 Through out the winter months the horses are turned
out to enjoy some time off.  They put in a long spring,
summer, and fall for us, so the winter is their time to
relax and simply just be horses.  We may occasionally
hook a team up here and there to go play in the snow,
but there is no rigorous training from January to April.