About Us
We live on a farm in beautiful Bucks County, Newtown,
Pennsylvania.  The farm name is A Better Way Farm for we feel
that living the way we do is a much better way of life than other

There has always been livestock on the farm from steers, to pigs,
to chickens.  None, however compare to the Belgians that we
have today.

We started working with Belgian Draft Horses in 1989.  It began
with one team, a mother and daughter, named Jinger and Peach.
The rest as they say is history....

Jinger and Peach taught us much more then any book or person
could possibly.  They brought happiness to every event we
participated in. This awesome team will never be forgotten as
they tromp in the skies watching over the rest of the herd from

Today we have 4 Belgians that do different things.  We have 4
that are used for parades, weddings, hayrides; basically you name
it they can do it.  Check out
"Meet the Herd" to meet each one of
the horses personally, and "
Appearances" to see when we will be
near you.

Feel free to call us or email us with any questions that you may
have.  Visitors are always welcome.